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A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding aviation advertising.


Rules on Aviation Advertising
14 CFR 399.84View Rule


Guidance on Aviation Advertising
Price Increases for Ancillary Services Not Purchased With Ticket12/28/2011View MS Word
Advertising air fares on social media sites10/3/2011View PDF
Disclosure of airfare variations: web vs. other sources, surcharges that may be listed separately in advertisements11/4/2004View PDF
Advertising: "free" tickets, disclosure of fees9/3/2003View PDF
Foreign Air Carriers; Unfair and Deceptive Advertising; Enforcement Policy9/24/1997View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders on Aviation Advertising
NameOrder No.Document
Benjamin Edelman v. American Airlines2018-5-32View PDF
Vietnam Airlines2018-5-29View PDF
TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador2018-5-26View PDF
Benjamin Edelman and Jason Steele v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.2017-3-19View PDF
Benjamin Edelman v. Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited2017-3-18View PDF
Frontier Airlines2016-12-5View PDF
Aeroenlaces Nacionales, S.A. de CV ta VivaAerobus2016-5-3View PDF
British Airways PLC 2016-3-9View PDF
Porter Escapes, Inc.2016-3-8View PDF
Porter Escapes, Inc.2016-3-7View PDF
Middle East Airlines Airliban Order2015-11-4View PDF
SriLankan Airlines Limited2015-5-1View PDF
Fareportal Inc. d/b/a Cheapoair2015-3-5View PDF
Air Europa Lineas Aereas, S.A.U.                               2015-2-3View PDF
Lufthansa German Airlines2015-1-17View PDF
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited2014-10-14View PDF
Dismissal Order British Airways PLC2014-9-2View PDF
Voyager Travel LLC and Brian Mickelson Consent Order2014-8-9View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2014-7-7View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Co.2014-5-13View PDF
Global Target International Inc., d/b/a GTS Globotours2014-2-14View PDF
Airtrade International, Inc., d/b/a Vayama2014-1-9View PDF
Laurus Travel, Inc2013-12-7View PDF
Third Party Complaint of Benjamin Edelman v. American Airlines, Inc.2013-12-6View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2013-11-6View PDF
Alpha Media Group, LLC, d/b/a AlphaFlightGuru Order2013-9-19View PDF
Raj Travel, Incorporated2013-9-1View PDF
Third Party Complaint of Benjamin Edelman v. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited2013-8-23View PDF
Hipmunk, Inc.2013-8-8View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2013-7-28View PDF
Bloomspot, Inc.2013-7-27View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2013-7-20View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corporation2013-6-20View PDF
AirTran Airways, Inc.2013-5-14View PDF
Legendary Journeys, Inc.2012-1-16View PDF
World Travel Network, LLC2012-12-19View PDF
Eros Group, Inc.2012-12-17View PDF
STI Travel, LLC2012-11-27View PDF
Société Air France2012-11-1View PDF
I-Jet Aviation, LLC2012-10-20View PDF
Worldwide Travel, Inc.2012-10-13View PDF
734758 Ontario, Limited dba FlightNetwork2012-10-4View PDF
British Airways Plc2012-10-1View PDF
Solar Tours, Inc.2012-9-19View PDF
JSC Aeroflot2012-9-1View PDF
Travel Today, Inc.2012-8-34View PDF
Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A.2012-8-33View PDF
Royal Jordanian Airlines2012-8-28View PDF
Philippine Airlines, Inc.2012-8-3View PDF
Pacific For Less, Inc.2012-8-2View PDF LP2012-7-30View PDF
Trip Advisor, LLC.2012-7-16View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc.2012-7-13View PDF
Air India2012-5-4View PDF
Qantas Airways Limited2012-3-1View PDF
Unister USA, LLC2012-2-23View PDF
Allegiant Air, LLC2012-2-10View PDF
Aviation Services, Ltd. d/b/a Freedom Air2012-1-22View PDF
Finnair Plc2012-1-21View PDF
Asiana Airlines2012-1-14View PDF
Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.2012-1-13View PDF
Icelandair Group2012-1-8View PDF
Imagine Tours & Travel, L.L.C.2012-1-5View PDF
AirTran Airways, Inc.2012-1-1View PDF
SkyWest Airlines, Inc.2011-11-25View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2011-11-23View PDF
LAN Airlines, S.A.2011-10-18View PDF
South African Airways PTY Limited2011-10-12View PDF
Destination Southern African, Inc. and Destination Southern Advertising Africa d/b/a South African Airways Vacations2011-10-11View PDF
Orbitz Worldwide, LLC2011-10-5View PDF
Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd.2011-9-18View PDF
JetBlue Airways, Ltd.2011-8-25View PDF
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited2011-8-21View PDF
Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise2011-8-20View PDF
Air Canada2011-8-8View PDF
LBF Travel, Inc.2011-6-34View PDF
Globester, LLC2011-6-33View PDF
China Airlines, Ltd.2011-6-20View PDF
TACA International Airlines, S.A.2011-6-5View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2011-6-2View PDF
Continental Airlines, Inc.2011-6-1View PDF
OpenSkies SAS2011-4-26View PDF
Expedia, Inc.2011-4-18View PDF
Cayman Airways, Ltd.2011-3-25View PDF
Tour Beyond, Inc., d/b/a China Spree Travel2011-2-6View PDF
Virgin America, Inc.2011-2-5View PDF
Aerovias de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Aeromexico)2011-1-1View PDF
The COMM Group Inc.2010-12-20View PDF
Caribbean Airlines Limited2010-12-4View PDF
Compania Panamena de Aviacion d/b/a Copa Airlines, Inc.2010-11-15View PDF
Unique Vacations2010-11-7View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc.2010-10-24View PDF
Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc.2010-10-14View PDF
Pacific Holidays, Inc.2010-10-8View PDF
MN Airlines, LLC d/b/a Sun Country Airlines2010-9-25View PDF
China Focus, Inc., d/b/a China Focus Travel2010-9-6View PDF
Lion World Travel Ltd. d/b/a South African Airways Vacations2010-9-5View PDF
Nuevo Mundo Travel Agency Inc.2010-7-17View PDF
Sceptre Tours, Inc.2010-6-23View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2010-5-30View PDF
AirTran Airways2010-5-29View PDF
Prestige Cruise Holdings Inc.2010-4-1View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2010-3-5View PDF
Southern Sky Air & Tours, LLC d/b/a Myrtle Beach Direct Air & Tours2010-2-16View PDF
United Air Lines2010-1-13View PDF
Costa Cruise Lines, N.V.2009-9-3View PDF
United Air Lines2009-8-17View PDF
Continental Airlines2009-8-3View PDF
Gate 1 Ltd.2009-7-5View PDF
Condor Flugdienst GmbH2009-4-1View PDF
Liberty Travel, Inc.2009-2-9View PDF
Air Jamaica, Ltd.2008-12-25View PDF
JTB Corporation d/b/a JTB USA, Inc.2008-12-24View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2008-12-14View PDF
Allegiant Air, Inc.2008-9-18View PDF
Flight Centre USA, Inc.2008-7-5View PDF
AHI International d/b/a AHI Travel and Alumni Holidays2008-3-5View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2008-2-35View PDF
Ritz Tours, Inc.2008-2-22View PDF
Pacific Delight Tours, Inc.2008-2-13View PDF
Vantage Deluxe World Travel2007-12-18View PDF
Group Voyagers, Inc.2007-11-13View PDF
Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, S.A.2007-9-21View PDF
Viking River Cruises, Inc.2007-8-25View PDF
Trafalgar Tours West, Inc.2007-8-24View PDF
Uniworld River Cruises, Inc.2007-8-23View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2007-2-13View PDF
Air Canada2007-1-10View PDF
Alitalia2006-12-2View PDF
China Airlines, Ltd.2006-12-1View PDF
Israir Airlines and Tourism, Ltd.2006-11-13View PDF
Aloha Airlines, Inc.2006-11-2View PDF LP2006-10-4View PDF
TACA International Airlines, S.A.2006-9-19View PDF
Grand Circle Corporation, d/b/a Grand Circle Travel and d/b/a Overseas Adventure Travel2006-7-23View PDF
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion S.A. de C.V.2006-4-18View PDF
Simmons Air, Inc.2006-3-18View PDF
Ceres Group, LLC, d/b/a Team Flight Support and Joseph A. DePaulis2005-11-6View PDF
ATA Airlines, Inc.2005-10-11View PDF
El AI Israel Airlines, Ltd.2005-10-6View PDF
Société Air France2005-7-3View PDF
Grand Casinos, Inc.2005-5-15View PDF
Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)2005-5-13View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc., and Horizon Air, Inc.2004-10-19View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2004-8-7View PDF
AAA Washington/Inland2004-8-2View PDF
Aer Lingus Limited2004-5-9View PDF
Lyn-Lea Travel Corp. d/b/a First Class International Travel Management2004-2-20View PDF
Consorcio Aviacsa S.A. de C.V.2004-2-11View PDF
TFI Tours International, Ltd.2004-2-5View PDF
JetBlue Airways, Inc.2004-2-4View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2003-12-26View PDF
National Leisure Group, Inc.2003-12-18View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2003-9-26View PDF
Air Jamaica, Ltd.2003-9-5View PDF
OneTravel.com2003-8-7View PDF
America West Airlines, Inc.2003-7-39View PDF
British Airways, PLC2003-6-29View PDF
Hobbit Travel, Inc.2003-6-16View PDF
Icelandair, Inc.2003-4-9View PDF
Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense, S.A.2003-2-4View PDF
A Better Airfare, LLC2003-1-12View PDF
MLT Vacations, Inc.2002-12-19View PDF
Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A.2002-12-12View PDF
My Travel North America2002-10-27View PDF
Cheap Seats, Inc.2002-10-21View PDF
Hotwire, Inc.2002-10-7View PDF
Cheap Tickets, Inc.2002-5-30View PDF, L.P.2002-3-28View PDF, Incorporated2002-3-23View PDF
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