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A compilation of the most recent rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding aviation baggage issues.


Rules for Aviation Baggage
Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs - Final Rule Issued October 18, 2016View PDF
Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs - Extension of the compliance dateView PDF
14 CFR Part 254 (Domestic Baggage Liability)View Rule
Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections: Baggage and other consumer issues 
December 2009 ruleView in MS Word
April 2011 amendment 
Federal Register VersionView PDF
Powerpoint presentation summarizing baggage provisionsView Presentation
Response to petition to delay the effective date of 14 CFR 399.85(c) and 399.87View PDF
2015 Inflation Adjustments: Oversales, Baggage and Civil PenaltiesView PDF


Guidance on Aviation Baggage Rules
Enforcement Policy Regarding Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchair Data11/01/2018View PDF
Enforcement Notice - Airline Reporting of Data on Mishandled Baggage, Wheelchairs, and Scooters10/23/2018View PDF
Notice regarding damage to wheels, handles, and other components of checked baggage11/25/2015View PDF
Limits on baggage settlements10/09/2009View PDF
Baggage liability on international codeshare trips03/26/2009View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders Regarding Aviation Baggage Rules
NameOrder No.Document
Allegiant Air, LLC.2018-1-6View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Co.2018-1-5View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2017-8-27View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.2015-5-17View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corporation2014-2-9View PDF
British Airways Plc2013-7-11View PDF
Korean Airlines Co., Ltd.2013-7-5View PDF
Malaysia Airline System BHd2012-11-26View PDF
Jetstar Airways, Pty Limited2012-10-2View PDF
Air China, Limited2012-9-18View PDF
Compagnie Nationale Royal Air Maroc2012-8-27View PDF
Santa Barbara Airlines2012-8-4View PDF
Request to Extend the Compliance Relief Provided by Order 2012-1-22012-7-23View PDF
Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana SpA2012-1-15View PDF
Caribbean Airlines Limited2011-10-20View PDF
Aerovias de Intergración Regional, AIRES, S.A.2011-10-2View PDF
Emirates2011-8-24View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2011-8-7View PDF
Deutsche Lufthansa AG2011-6-18View PDF
Societe Air France2010-12-26View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2010-10-23View PDF
EL A Israel Airlines2010-9-32View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2009-9-8View PDF

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