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Flight Delays

Flight Delays, Tarmac Delays and On-Time Performance Disclosure

A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on flight delays, tarmac delays, and on-time performance disclosure.

Rules and Guidance

Rules Regarding Tarmac Delays and On-Time Performance Disclosure
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Tarmac Delay RuleView PDF
P.L. 112-95: Filing tarmac delay contingency plans with DOT 

- Text of P.L. 112-95

View PDF

- February 24, 2012 DOT implementing notice

View PDF

- List of carriers with 30 or more seats that must submit tarmac delay plans to DOT

View PDF

- May 2012 DOT Implementing Notice

View PDF

- April 21, 2015 Notice to Carriers Regarding Updated Tarmac Delay Plan Submission

View PDF

- List of carriers with 30 or more seats that must submit tarmac delay plans to DOT (2014 Data)

View PDF
14 CFR Part 234 - Airline Service Quality Performance ReportsView Rule
14 CFR Part 244 - Reporting Tarmac Delay DataView Rule


Guidance regarding Tarmac Delay and On-Time Performance Disclosure rules
Enforcement Policy on Extended Tarmac Delays11/22/16View PDF
Frequently Asked Questions  

- Consumer Rule I

12/30/09View Link

- Consumer Rule II

04/25/11View Link

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders Regarding Tarmac Delays and On-Time Performance Disclosures
NameOrder No.Document
China Eastern Airlines2019-12-7View PDF
Japan Airlines2019-9-5View PDF
American Airlines2019-2-23View PDF
Delta Air Lines2019-2-22View PDF
Allegiant Air2018-10-7View PDF
Icelandair2018-5-42View PDF
British Airways2018-5-28View PDF
All Nippon Airways 2018-3-21View PDF
Compañía Panameña de Aviación2018-3-20View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2017-09-11View PDF
TAP Portugal2017-7-1View PDF
Spirit Airlines2017-3-21View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2017-2-17View PDF
Air India2017-2-13View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2016-12-10View PDF
Philippine Airlines, Inc. 2016-10-6View PDF
United Airlines, Inc.2016-1-2View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2015-8-16View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2015-1-10View PDF
China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.2014-11-14View PDF
Air Canada rouge2014-10-23View PDF
Air Europa2014-5-5View PDF
British Airways PLC2014-4-8View PDF
Qantas Airways Limited2014-1-11View PDF
VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. d/b/a GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes2013-11-23View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc.2013-11-17View PDF
United Airlines, Inc.2013-10-13View PDF
Avianca2013-8-9View PDF
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.2013-7-18View PDF
Air China Limited2013-5-3View PDF
Caribbean Airlines Limited2013-3-15View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2013-2-9View PDF
Virgin America Inc.                              2012-12-20View PDF
Copa Airlines, Inc.2012-12-18View PDF
Pakistan International Airlines Corporation2012-9-21View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corporation2012-8-25View PDF
Air India2012-5-4View PDF
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.2011-11-13View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2011-6-10View PDF
AirTran Airways, Inc.2011-4-2View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2011-3-20View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2010-9-22View PDF
Pinnacle Airlines, Inc.2010-9-11View PDF
ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.2009-11-18View PDF
Continental Airlines, Inc.2009-11-17View PDF
Mesaba Airlines2009-11-16View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2008-4-4View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2007-11-6View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.2007-10-5View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corp.2007-10-4View PDF


Publications about Flight Delays and Tarmac Delays
Analysis of Impact of Tarmac Delay Rule
Coping with Flight DelaysView PDF
Development of Contingency Plans for Lengthy On-Board Ground DelaysView PDF
Updated: Thursday, December 19, 2019
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