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A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding aviation oversales.


Rules regarding aviation oversales
2015 Inflation Adjustments: Oversales, Baggage and Civil PenaltiesView PDF
14 CFR Part 250View Rule
April 2011 amendmentsView PDF


Guidance on rules for aviation oversales
Reporting oversales: value of travel vouchers04/21/2006View PDF
Reporting of oversales: misreporting involuntary bumpings as voluntary, failing to report bumped passengers that are ineligible for compensation11/19/1996View PDF
Powerpoint presentation on 2011 amendments View Presentation
Notice of enforcement policy: oversale notice for foreign carriers


View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders Regarding Aviation Oversales
NameOrder No.Document
Bryan and Renee Jackson and Bridgitte Prince v. American Airlines2018-10-16View PDF
Air Canada2018-5-27View PDF
Mike Borsetti v. British Airways2018-5-17View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.2018-4-7View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2017-08-27View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2017-7-8View PDF
JetBlue Airways2016-12-4View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2016-8-33View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc.2016-8-32View PDF
United Airlines, Inc.2016-8-31View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2016-8-30View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2015-9-10View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2013-6-20View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2011-2-14View PDF
Comair2010-7-18View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Inc.2010-4-14View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2009-9-8View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2009-7-7View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2008-12-13View PDF
Frontier Airlines,Inc.2008-11-1View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2007-6-12View PDF


Other Documents
DOT Letter to United05/12/2017View PDF
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