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Unauthorized Operations

A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding unauthorized aviation operations.


Rules on Unauthorized Aviation Operation
Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options - 14 CFR Parts 295 and 298View PDF
Haiti Earthquake Relief 
Charter brokersView PDF
Part 125 operatorsView PDF
Charter Broker Exemption ExtensionView PDF
Part 125 Operators Exemption ExtensionView PDF


Guidance on Unauthorized Aviation Operation
Notice to UAS Operators Proposing to Engage in Air Transportation04/24/2018View PDF
Notice to Colleges, Universities, and other Organizations Offering Flights to College Bowl Games and other Special Events12/16/2016View PDF
Notice to Consumers Purchasing Tickets to Special Events that Include Air Transportation12/16/2016View PDF
Foreign Air Carriers; Unfair and Deceptive Advertising; Enforcement Policy09/24/1997View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders on Unauthorized Aviation Operations
NameOrder No.Document
AirGate Aviation2019-2-3View PDF
Qantas Airways Limited2018-3-26View PDF
Air X Aviation, Inc.2017-7-11View PDF
Paradigm Jet Management, Inc. 2017-4-7View PDF
Compass Airlines, LLC2016-3-28View PDF
GoJet Airlines, LLC2016-3-27View PDF
Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd.2015-7-10View PDF
FlyBlade, Inc.2015-4-6View PDF
Saudi Arabia Airlines2014-11-19View PDF
WestJet2014-9-3View PDF
Order Denying Motion for Clarification and Dismissing Formal Complaint VIH Cougar Helicopters, Inc.2014-3-7View PDF
VIH Cougar Helicopters, Inc.2013-11-16View PDF
BestCare EMS, Ltd.2013-11-14View PDF
PrimeSport, Inc.2013-7-15View PDF
Scott Air LLC d/b/a Island Air Express2012-12-16View PDF
I-Jet Aviation, LLC2012-10-20View PDF
People Express Airlines, Inc.2012-5-7View PDF
Swift Jet, Inc.2012-4-24View PDF
Private Air, Inc.2012-4-17View PDF
International Jet Management GmbH2012-3-18View PDF
Twin Air Calypso Limited, Inc.2012-2-20View PDF
The Craig Evan Corporation d/b/a Flightexec2011-8-22View PDF
Air Charter, Inc. d/b/a Air Flamenco2011-8-16View PDF
Aviation Advantage, Inc.2011-8-13View PDF
Cameron Air Service2011-6-19View PDF
Global Airline Services, Inc. and Harold J. Pareti, Individually2011-6-3View PDF
Trinity Air Ambulance International LLC2011-2-9View PDF
Capital Airways, LLC2011-1-2View PDF
A-Liner 8 Aviation, Inc.2010-12-23View PDF
National Air Cargo Group, Inc. d/b/a National Airlines2010-12-22View PDF
New Flight Solutions, Inc. d/b/a New Flight Charters2010-11-23View PDF
Friendship Airways, Inc. d/b/a Yellow Air Taxi2010-11-14View PDF
City Skies, Inc. and Ronald E. Mays2010-11-1View PDF
926724 Ontario Limited, d/b/a President Air Charter2010-10-9View PDF
Craig Air Center, Inc.2010-9-23View PDF
Jet Team Charters, LLC2010-7-21View PDF
Mercy Flights, Inc.2010-6-18View PDF
R&M Aviation, Inc.2010-5-1View PDF
Luxury Air Jets, Inc.2010-2-17View PDF
V1 Jets International2009-10-11View PDF
Canadian Helicopters Limited2009-9-10View PDF
3095-7633 Quebec, Inc d/b/a Univair Aviation2009-8-12View PDF
Medjet Assistance, LLC2009-6-19View PDF
Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc.2009-6-18View PDF
Holiday Airways Corp. d/b/a Holiday Air2009-5-12View PDF
Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services, LLC2009-4-17View PDF
Pascan Aviation, Inc.2009-1-9View PDF
Thai Airways Int'l Public Company Ltd.2008-9-15View PDF
Virgin America, Inc.2008-4-32View PDF
Jet One Jets, Inc.2008-3-2View PDF
Ryan International Airlines, Inc.2007-9-5View PDF
Private Jet Services Group, Inc.2007-8-7View PDF
Arrowhead Express, Inc.2007-8-1View PDF
OneSky Network, LLC2007-6-1View PDF
Jet Choice I, LLC2007-4-23View PDF
Imperial Jets, Inc.2007-4-7View PDF
Flight -Ops Int'l Inc. dba SkyExpress Airline2007-2-20View PDF
IDM Corporate Aviation Services, LLC2007-2-6View PDF
Caribair2007-1-9View PDF
Classic Designs of Tampa Bay, Inc., d/b/a Bell Air Aviation2006-11-25View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc., doing business as Vision Air2006-11-20View PDF
Israir Airlines and Tourism, Ltd.2006-11-13View PDF
Kazar Construction Limited d/b/a Sifton Air2006-8-23View PDF
Principal Air Services, LLC, and David C. Bernstein2006-7-13View PDF
Platinum Jet hIanagement, LLC, Michael F. Brassington, Andrc Budhan, and Paul Brassington2006-6-14View PDF
Aero Services Corporate, S.A.2006-4-19View PDF
Simmons Air, Inc.2006-3-18View PDF
Aéro Péninsule Ltée d/b/a Air Optima2006-2-6View PDF
I.M.P. Group Limited d/b/a Execaire2006-1-17View PDF
Capital Airways, Inc.2005-12-16View PDF
Darby Aviation, Inc., d/b/a AlphaJet International2005-12-1View PDF
Ceres Group, LLC, d/b/a Team Flight Support and Joseph A. DePaulis2005-11-6View PDF
BlueStarJets, LLC2005-10-24View PDF
Akwaaba Airlines & Tours Limited, d/b/a/ Ahenfo Airlines Limited2005-10-15View PDF
AMI Jet Charter, Inc.2005-9-11View PDF
C&M Airways, Inc.2005-6-2View PDF
Friendship Airways Inc. d/b/a Yellow Air Taxi2005-5-4View PDF
St. Barth Commuter, SARL2005-4-2View PDF
Contract Air Cargo, Inc.2005-3-39View PDF
Twin Town Leasing Company d/b/a Twin Air2005-3-38View PDF
Tradewind Aviation, LLC.2005-3-17View PDF
A-Liner-8 Aviation, Inc.2005-2-4View PDF
2Blue Moon Aviation, LLC2004-11-4View PDF
Ferreteria E Implementos San Francisco2004-10-18View PDF
Lone Star Contract Air Cargo, Inc.2004-10-17View PDF
Red Apple Aviation, Inc.2004-10-14View PDF
Falcon Air Charter, Inc.2004-9-1View PDF
Calypso Airline, Inc.2004-8-10View PDF
Ameristar Airways, Inc.2004-8-9View PDF
MSG Flight Operations, LLC2004-7-3View PDF
Universal Airlines, Inc.2004-6-15View PDF
Brendan Airways, LLC, d/b/a USA3000 Airlines2004-5-12View PDF
Premier Aircraft Management, Inc.2004-5-11View PDF
Transmeridian Airlines, Inc.2004-5-4View PDF
Avia Aviation, Ltd.2004-5-3View PDF
Traffic Management Corporation and Contract Cargo Airlines, Inc.2004-5-1View PDF
Miami Air International, Inc.2004-4-15View PDF
Professional Airways, LLC2004-3-30View PDF
MM&S Airways, LLC2004-3-29View PDF
Executive Airways, LLC2004-3-28View PDF
DB Air, Ltd.2004-2-21View PDF
AGS Partnership2004-2-7View PDF
Scott Aviation, Inc.2004-2-6View PDF
Classic Limited Air, Inc.2004-1-23View PDF
Coastal Mountain Airways, Ltd.2004-1-19View PDF
SportsJet, LLC2003-12-23View PDF
Flight-Ops International, Inc., d/b/a SkyXpress Airline2003-6-24View PDF
London Air Services Limited2003-1-9View PDF
North Vancouver Airlines, Ltd.2003-1-7View PDF
Arthur Solomon and Native Air Charters, Inc.2002-12-13View PDF
Air Luxor, S.A.2002-11-18View PDF
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.2002-10-31View PDF
China Airlines, Ltd.2002-10-30View PDF
Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd.2002-10-29View PDF
Japan Airlines Company, Ltd.2002-10-28View PDF
Asiana Airlines, Inc.2002-10-20View PDF
Sky King, Inc.2002-10-18View PDF
Florida Air Transport, Inc.2002-9-15View PDF
Aviation Ventures, Inc., doing business as Vision Air2002-7-30View PDF
Pacific Coastal Airlines, Ltd.2002-7-19View PDF
Arizona Express Airlines, Inc.2002-5-9View PDF
ORBITZ, L.L.C.2002-3-12View PDF
Aero Continente, S.A.2002-2-12View PDF
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